Welcome to a world where women have the power to create the change they want to see in the world

A world where wealth, abundance and feeling worthy of it all, is not a dream but a reality available to each and every one of us

Working long hours, and pushing yourself to the limit is not the key to wealth.  Online we’re told there is a better way to build a business……one that’s about ease, flow, and alignment BUT, this is so frustrating to read when it’s not your current experience 

So what is the answer? 

What if, instead of chasing ease and flow, you aligned yourself to wealth?

Making decisions from a place of wealth, taking action from a place of wealth and allowing the energetics of wealth to lead you through your business expansion

Wealth is NOT just about money in your bank account

Are you ready to begin a journey to unlock the new paradigm of wealth, a paradigm of women creating wealth by accessing the divine feminine and bringing together an energetic alchemical shift that will put you on a new pathway?

Now is the time to begin looking at wealth from a different perspective, to unlock the feminine aspects of wealth and to give yourself permission to become wonderfully wealthy…no matter where you stand right now!!

Wealth in the hands of women is the key to the change we desire to see in the world!!

Are you ready to join the

Wealthy Woman Revolution?

A Day where together as women we step into wealth through a series of energetic and transformational sessions to open you up to success as a wealthy woman.

I'M IN!!!

Together we will:-

🌟 Uncover the secrets of Wealth Consciousness through Feminine energy to embodiment

🌟 Discover the different levels of wealth in your life and business - to recognise where you are already wealthy to shift from scarcity into abundance, raising your frequency to more

🌟 Reclamation of Wealth for Women - taking back the power women once held with wealth and healing past wealth wounds

🌟 Develop a Structure and Model of Wealth for purposeful growth - so you’re not selling your soul to the devil, instead, you feel nourished and impactful at the end of your day

🌟 Dive into the Shadow of Success to discover and transform your wealth wounding

🌟 Create an alchemical energetic shift that will put you on a new pathway aligned to being a wonderfully wealthy woman

"When I met Claire I was living on a boat and earning £9 a day. Fast forward to now and the awesome three-bedroom house I bought and six-figure business I now run. It can all be traced back to you?

Enjoy your light and impact, beautiful soul."

— Annamarie Uren

"When I began working with Sarah I was deeply tired and on the verge of selling my business. A few months later we experienced our biggest ever month after Sarah successfully helped me release energetic blocks around money.

My ROI was easily double. My high point was having our first 40k month. This made me realise the power of the work and also demonstrated what a huge asset my small business indeed is."

Rachel Dubois

A transformative day for successful women in business who have been focused on making money.

When the real secret is unlocking wealth.

Come and join the event, where you will be energetically elevated, surrounded by like-minded women, have opportunities to network and leave with a new framework and frequency for activating wealth and a strategy to create change.

Monday 9th October 2023
Bingham RiverHouse


(Usually £297 Plus VAT)


We affectionately call ourselves, The Shaman, The Priestess and The Alchemist, each of us bringing specific talents to our collaboration.

We work together for you as a team, each of us a master of energy and with many years of coaching at the highest level we bring a very powerful blend of entrepreneurial skill, energetic mastery, spiritual insight (channelled directly) and straight talking.

Sarah Negus


Sarah is a Modern Day Shaman®️ Extraordinaire.
Sarah works with highly successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives and start-ups to help them create the consistent success and growth in their lives that allows them to feel fulfilled and experience a deep sense of meaning and purpose.

With over two decades of experience in the field of energy, and a lifetime of entrepreneurial highs and lows, Sarah brings a unique take on business and the power of Soul as the leading force.

Kelly Morgan


A living library of wisdom and power, Kelly has been able to remember and integrate many past lives as a wisdom keeper, activator of Kings and Queens, and holder of the Chalice Light Codes.

Kelly has studied deeply in Mystery Schools Traditions, Shamanic Arts, and Womb Awakening – all tools that have deepened her own wisdom. She now works with Leaders to awaken and integrate their wisdom for them – to help them realize their greatest mission on earth and to help raise the consciousness of humanity.

Claire Macpherson


The Wealth Alchemist & founder of ‘She Impacts The World’ Claire has supported tens of thousands of women in building successful businesses, alchemising their potential and giving themselves permission to build a life on their own terms.

Claire is passionate about helping women to activate their purpose work and build wealth through that purpose, in order to create the change they desire to see in the world.


Where is the Event?

Bingham RiverHouse, 61-63 Petersham Rd, Richmond TW10 6UW

Is lunch included?

During the day you will be provided with lunch, tea, coffee and snacks.

Who is this event for?

This event is for Successful Women. Whether you are in business, class yourself as an entrepreneur, are within the corporate world, or are choosing to put all your efforts into your relationships with family/children/partner. What unites us together, is that you want to deepen your relationship with wealth frequencies, both energetically and practically, you have a concept that real wealth is not just money but covers every aspect of living as a conscious woman. 

"I can honestly say that it was the easiest, most in flow multiple-six figure launch to date, with record revenue and cash flows, and incredible quality of clients. I am 100% sure your work Kelly, hugely contributed to that, thank you."

Lenka Lutonska

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