Come into the full energy of your expansive nature by experiencing these powerful activation meditations.


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We are...

The scratch for that inner itch that won’t go away
The calm in the storm of your mind
The power that rises within when you are focused
The certainty that your path brings depth, meaning and purpose
The safety of knowing you are never alone however high you climb
The clarity from spiritual insight

This work is not for the many
It is for the few

Is that you?

You are the top 1% in your industry
You know the trappings of success, live with them, yet find yourself unfulfilled
You understand there is something more for you to be, but what is that?
You are looking for an alternative to winning the modern race of life to define yourself.


  • To this powerful energetic vortex of transformation and expansion.
  • Where going deep into the mystery of you will allow you to

fly into the possibility of who you may be, and revel in it.

  • No more pushing yourself to the limit
  • No more fear that the next project will not come to fruition
  • No more living in chains to the numbers
  • No more personal sacrifices in relationships or health

Find yourself within these walls

"After having one form of coaching or another for 20 years It is rare to come across someone who can, in a matter of moments, decipher and interpret the challenges one faces and get the measure of blockages and challenges they are dealing with. Sarah was warm and engaging from the off and demonstrated a significant depth of wisdom not often encountered. I am at the beginning my journey with her skills, but would not hesitate to endorse and recommend her for anyone in almost any phase of their life!"

Adam Young, Private Office Wealth Management

Sarah Negus

Sarah experienced her spiritual awakening over 25 years ago while searching for a more meaningful and impactful way to live her life. She then set out on a 12-year shamanic apprenticeship journey, traveling to Peru and studying with the Shamans of the Amazon forest.
Her journey has been one of discovery and letting go. Letting go of the life that was successful on the outside, so she could become successful within her, discovering the depths of herself was where the joy was, in her unique, quirky, alternative Soul.
Over the years, Sarah mastered her craft and today she brings the power of ancient shamanism married with modern mindset and psychology to visionaries and leaders, helping them to fully embody their highest potential. Sarah is a Modern Day Shaman®️ Extraordinaire.
Sarah works with highly successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives and high-flying start-ups to help them create consistent success and growth in their lives that allows them to feel fulfilled and experience a deep sense of meaning and purpose. With over two decades of experience in the field of energy, and a lifetime of entrepreneurial highs and lows, Sarah brings a unique take on life and the power of Soul as the leading force.

Kelly Morgan

A living library of wisdom and power, Kelly has been able to remember and integrate many past lives as a wisdom keeper, activator of Kings and Queens, and holder of the Chalice Light Codes. Here now in this special time in history to usher in a new Golden Age. An age where leaders are connected and activated to their Divine selves, where they lead for others with love and compassion and have the depth and richness to help this evolution flow with the cosmic currents.
Kelly has studied deeply in Mystery Schools Traditions, Shamanic Arts, and Womb Awakening – all tools that have deepened her own wisdom. She now works with Leaders to awaken and integrate their wisdom for them – to help them realize their greatest mission on earth and to help raise the consciousness of humanity.

Why us together?

Why the power of 2?

In ancient Egyptian Mythology Isis and Nephthys come together in unity to resurrect Osiris the God of the underworld and re-energise the Sun God Ra.

A beautiful legend of how two is always better than one.

We work together for you as a team, each of us a master of energy and with many years of coaching at the highest level we bring a very powerful blend of entrepreneurial skill, energetic mastery, spiritual insight (channelled directly) and straight talking.

“There are three things that stand out for me in my work with Kelly. Firstly, a release of trauma I never imagined I would live without. That background edge of anticipating something awful about to happen… that’s no longer my experience. Secondly, embodying the divine feminine means being able to access our own inner wisdom. For me that revealed a whole new direction for my work in the world. Work that thrills me daily and feels like the work I was born for. Thirdly, joy! It has given me space for so much joy to flow. Yes, working with Kelly is an invitation to come home to who and how we have longed to be – and there is no endpoint, life keeps getting easier and more full of grace. Thank you, Kelly. You hold space with such integrity and love, so much healing and transformation is possible.”

Ann Bromley, Leadership mentor

Download our channelled transmission

Come into the full energy of your expansive nature by experiencing these powerful meditations.

Meet your Midline

How to amplify your personal power and energetic container
A 9.5 minute channelled activation to effectively evoke the power of your personal energy and ignite the flame of desire that resides within you.

You will feel your energy expand, you will find you are centred in the NOW like never before, and you will be focused and motivated to find your purpose, the meaning of your life, the intangible that you know is you.


Mists of Avalon

Discover the magical mysteries hidden within you
A 10 minute channelled journey that takes you through the mists of your mind and all you think you are, to the high point of energy, where the spiritual action taker within you is aligned and initiated, so you lead from your Soul going forward.

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Why did you originally start working with me?

Sometimes if you want a different answer you need to ask a different question to a person with a different aspect! My challenge was to work on trigger points within my life that were showing up in my professional life.
Emotions are sometimes not easily understood, managed or changed so I needed a coach that could understand emotional transformation within a business context and then work on the personal elements of understanding why those things were happening.

What are the results you have seen since working with me both tangible and intangible?

A new set of modern-day questions that help me self-develop and learn about my next steps not only professionally but also in terms of life planning.
Worked on understanding how to build on my own personal empath strengths.
A new perspective on how to create and harness energy through others.

Have there been any unexpected benefits that you’ve received from our work together?

Reaction from my direct management has been that this was the best development output they had seen in their own career - Depth of transparency and specifics in terms of broader thinking
I have questioned and re-evaluated what is important to me and worked through the process to start developing my next 15 years of future career

What would you say to someone thinking of working with me?

"Don’t let the word Shaman put you off… this is simply a title. Sarah enables you to think differently through your interactions based on her shamanic experiences – you the client are simply leveraging that expertise and where relevant working through some of the practices.

Clarity on what it isn’t – there can be a fine line between coaching and counselling and this is definitely coaching, you touch on the personal and the discussions can go deep on some issues but in my experience, Sarah is there to help facilitate a heightened awareness of how you may act, perform, feel or project yourself in a business context.

Be open-minded – you are going to need to be comfortable with being led through a process.
Go with it, the benefit or answers won’t be immediately clear but understand that Sarah can only influence the outcome the more vested you are within the process."

- Jon Barrett
Business Development Director, Microsoft

“You are a genius in energy work, in holding energy and helping to awaken the divine feminine.

The beautiful environments on retreats plus your work together is an elixir for the soul.

After my first retreat with you I came home and entered the integration phase and to be honest it wasn’t very nice for a short time. You helped me uncover shadows but you worked through it with me and after that, it opened up so much more for the entire year. This contributed hugely to the doubling of my 7-figure business.

Overall working with you had brought me greater ease, peace, wisdom, more life flowing through me, more goodness flowing through me, more powerful impact and transformations amongst my clients, more powerful idea and so much more.
It’s incredible work. I love you and your work Kelly, dearly.”

- Lenka Lutonska
Wealth Activator for Women

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